Vision: Ensures justice in pursuit of harmonious society with the rule of law and good governance.

Mission:  To deliver legal services to the Dzongkhag in fair professional manner

Brief summary

  • Defend employer against wage and hour, discrimination, harassment and other complaints field with administrative agencies.
  • Represent employers in lawsuits filed in state and federal courts.
  • Advice employers about effective and legal policies, procedures and practice
  • Drafts lawful, state- specific employee handbooks, polices and procedure.
  • Prepare contracts with employees and contractors, including confidentiality and non-compete agreements.
  • Negotiate and draft executive contracts.
  • Direct and/or conduct investigation into alleged illegal or improper behavior.
  • Help employers respond to specific employer at the arbitration or mediation of employment disputes.
  • Review and/ or draft offer letters, warnings and other communication with employees.
  • Draft and negotiate.
  • Counsel clients facing difficult or sensitive employment issues.

 Challenges and Issue

  • Rendering a legal advices and legal awareness to the gewog people and schools, are one of the challenges because of their poor and backward thinking of legal matters;
  • Public expectation is ever sky high and on-demand. Due to technology and interest progress people expect their legal team to sort out the matters very fast and proactively;
  • The case that have been pending can’t be progress timely by both the legal team and by villagers because of the poor connectivity of road and internet connection;
  • Lack of information and knowledge of legal awareness in the schools

SWOT Analysis

    • Being one of the legal sector head, ability to provide legal awareness or a legal aid in any matters is the core responsibility.
    • Shouldering a higher responsibility to draw reasonable and logical conclusion or decisiveness.
    • Receive no public and administrative complaint.
    • No any pending case and any related assignments.
    • A strong communication skills and research ability to face the legal disputes.


    • If there is no any concrete and reasonable conclusion of any disputes, the legal sectors are responsible for failure of his/her duty.
    • If legal sectors fail to draw a logical decision and his service, there will be number of complaints arising.
    • When both the public and administration complaints grow then, there will be huge number of cases pending.


    • Once the legal service has been rendered among the gewogs and schools, knowledge acquired by them will be benefits on solving any disputes between them.
    • If community had learnt any legal awareness, there will be lesser work or cases earn by the legal sector.
    • there will be more connectivity of relationship between dzongkhag and public on enhancing the legal awareness in the district.
    • An opportunity to learn a various field matters and dealing with any other official tasks assigned by the dzongkhag superior.


    • When the legal services are not been render timely, there will be inefficiently of the work.
    • Inefficiently of the work threats the public and media to cover a negative comment against the service provider.
    • As there will be a negative threat then it will change the legal attitude against the service provider by the public.


Procedure to seek the legal advice:

  • The sector or the focal person of the committee forwards on official letter seek legal opinion
  • The said opinion is then browsed for interpretation according to relevant laws.
  • After the agreed period, legal opinion is presented for deliberation endorsement if any.

Procedure to investigation case(s):

  1. Receive an allegation
  2. The team leader tables the agenda for meeting
  3. Thereon, the facts of the case are discussed and the investigation methods prepared.
  4. The investigation report is compiled as follows –
  1. Back ground of the case
  2. Investigation methodology
  3. Allegation alleged
  4. Justification received from the relevant person(s)
  5. Findings by the investigation committee.
  6. Recommendation (if any)

The reports is submitted to the source of complaint shared within one week at the completion of the investigation.



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