05 September 2021

On 5 September 2021, the Red Cross Society and some youths of Zhemgang (Students of ZCS and ZLSS) led by Tsheringla, have rendered voluntary community service at the Zhemgang Duethroe. They have cleaned the bushes along the path towards Duethroe and its surrounding. They have also picked up all tins, plastics, beer bottles, and other trashes thrown away carelessly by the people using the Duethroe. The trashes were then handed over to the trash collector for proper disposable.

Such initiative is highly commendable and the Dzongkhag Administration would like to extend our greatest appreciation. This is an exemplary gesture by the Red Cross Society of Zhemgang to the community of Zhemgang without having to be led and summoned by the Zhemgang Municipality. There are over 70 Red Cross Society members in Zhemgang Throm and Dangkhar Chiwog.

The Zhemgang Dzongkhag Administration welcomes such initiatives from the various section of the society as it is our collective responsibility to keep our public places clean and beneficial to the community at all times.

The group was treated with the sumptuous working lunch by Tsheringla in his Hotel “TYP Hotel”.