Engineering and Human Settlement Sector


  1. Prepare design, drawings and estimates for all the construction activities in the Dzongkhag.

  2. Assist in the preparation of  bidding documents, bid evaluation, execution, closure of the project and hand over to the respective sector. 

  3. Carry out the monitoring and supervision of the construction activities and ensure that the work is as per the drawings and specifications provided. 

  4. Scrutinize designs and drawings for the proposed activities. 

  5. Ensure timely and quality service delivery to the public. 

  6. Ensure timely supply of clean drinking water in the Dzongkhag. 

  7. Carry out all the major and minor maintenance work in the Dzongkhag. 

  8. Provide a technical backstopping to all the sectors and regional offices.

  9. Review construction plans

  10. To control and manage waste in the Dzongkhag

  11. Provide a safe working environment to the workers at site. 

  12. Construction and maintenance of drinking and irrigation water supply. 

  13. Ensure that the construction works are carried out as per the Building Code of Bhutan and Bhutan Building Regulations. 

  14. Carry out the RWSS and farm road survey. 

  15. Issue occupancy certificates for the private buildings. 

  16. Issue municipal clearance certificates.

  17. Verify the land boundary in close consultation with the land sector.