nangkhorNangkor Gewog

  • Total Area (sq. KM): 494
  • Altitude Range (M):500-1700
  • Total Population: 2,602
  • Total Village:13
  • Total Road (KM): 67.10
  • Total Household: 513


  1. Name of the Gewog: Nangkor Gewog
  2. Total Geographical area: 543 sq Km
  3. Altitude Range : 500-1700 km
  4. Total Population: 4973 (Gewog Census Record, 2017)
  5. Total Chiwogs: 5
  6.  Total Households : 400,  Goongtongs: 15 nos.
  7. Polling station: Buli RNR center, Kikhar ORC, Tsheldang Leleygang for LG and Tsheldang PS for MP, Goling PS and Kamjong PS for Dungmang –Kamjong Chiwog.


  1. Total Road Network: 1 GC road and 6 Farm Roads
  2. GC road:36 kms, Farm Road: 63.1 kms
  3. Bridges: Bailey Bridge between Dakphel and Kikhar, Baliey Bridge at Bubtang, Bailey Bridge at Goling oner Madgduchu, One RCC bridge between Buli and Nyakhar
  4. Irrigation canals/Solar Fencing:…………….
  5. Mobile phone connectivity: whole Gewog
  6. Police Station: yes, located at Buli
  7. Banking Facilities: Yes

Educational Institutions:

  1. Total no. of school: 7 schools, One Central School at Buli, Two Pry. Schools at Goling and Tsheldang, three ECR’s at Kamjong, Tali and Goling.
  2. Total NFE Centers: Active Nil
  3. Total ECR’s : 3
  4. Monasteries/ Nunneries: 4, Tali Dratshang, Jang Anim Dratshang, Buli Shedra and Tsheldang Gomdey

Health Services:

  1. Total Hospital: Nil
  2. BHU: 2, Buli BHU and Tsheldang BHU
  3. ORCs: 9 nos, Kikhar, Tali, Dakphel, Goling, Zhobling, Nyakhar, Tsheldang, Kamjong and Dungmang.
  4. Traditional Hospital: Nil

 Agriculture/RNR center:

RNR center is located at Buli and it consists of Livestock and Agriculture sector along with forest sector located nearby.

Climatic Conditions:

Gewog in general enjoys a moderate climatic as it fall under the subtropical range with the whole Gewog located at 500 to 1700 meters above sea level.

Forest cover/Type:

Nangkor Gewog has a total forest coverage of about 90 percent and it mainly consist of evergreen broad leaved forest.

Major Crops:

Major crops grown in the Gewog are paddy and maize besides growing many other verities of crops like wheat, Millet and Buckwheat and others.

Major Pilgrimate sites/secred places 

  1. The Famous Buli Moenmo Tsho
  2. Dungkar Ney
  3. Kikhar Khandro Nye

 Local Festivals/Dates:

  1. Praichola 10th Day of the 2nd  month of Bhutanese Calendar.
  2. Shubangla 15th day of the 5th month of Bhutanese Calender.
  3. Chotpala 14th – 16th days of the 10th month of Bhutanese Calender.
  4. Rub
  5. And all the other traditional national festivals like thrue, Dangpa Losar and Chunyepa Losar.

 Major Landmark:

  1. Great wed lands of Buli,
  2. Beautiful paddy fields of Buli and Wangdhar
  3. Precious Tshachu of Dungmang.

 Birds / Animals:

  1. Birds: Great Hornbill, Rufus Hornbill and White bellied Herione
  2. Animals: Grey Languor,  Leapard, Panther, Rein Deer, Bear and few Tiger depredating domestic animals are also noticed.

 Food and Delicacies:

  1. “Chootan”  made from Millet and Maize floor
  2. “Khurbu” local baked cake made up of Wheat floor

 Major Developmental activities

  1. Construction of Tshelgdang Dungmang farm road is one of the major project proposed in 12th FYP .

 Are there any possibilities to help promote tourism in your Gewog? What are the attractions? What are some of the likely challenges that you for see?

         >> The presence of beautiful undisturbed environment with lots of endangered bird and animal species

        >> The famous and blissful Buli Moenmo Tsho.

        >> The holy and most cleansing Dungmang Hot Spring

Are there any cases of incidences of extreme poverty in the Gewog?

Except for the farm road connectivity that is yet to reach few far flung villages like Dungmang and Kamjong in 12th FYP, all the villages enjoys equal other basic facilities  such as on grid power connection, Telecommunication network of both T-Cell and B-Cell and many other facilities.

Generally, the living standard of the people residing in far flung villages are bit lacking behind as compared to other village people. Though, such unfortunate incidences of in people with poverty are taken care by Royal Kidu Allowance scheme, however, on case by case basis we do observe few households and individuals with the incidences of poverty.  

Names, Contact and email of Gup/Gewog Adm. Officer/Mangmi and Tshogpa’s

1.Gup: Dorji Wangchuk, 17873885,

2. Singye Wangchuk,

3. Sherub Dorji, Gedrung, 17662260

4.Kinley Wangchuk-Buli Tshogpa-17529201

5. Ugyen Penjor,Goling Tshogpa-774874346

6. Tshewang Dorji

7. Tsheldang Tshogpa-17643027

8. Ugyen Wangdi- Dungmang Tshogpa,17937737

9. Leki Zangmo- Kikhar Tshogpa, 17986296

10. Ugyen Phuntsho- Gewog Adm. Officer,




No institutions in this Gewog.



No tourist destinations in this Gewog.