15 April 2023

Dasho Dzongdag accompanied by Deputy Chief DLO,Deputy Chief DAO and Asst. Planning Officer made a visit to Panbang from 7th to 9th April 2023. Dasho met with Panbang Drungkhag staff, Business Community of Panbang, River Guides of Panbang,Panbang Youth Cooperative and Bjoka Gewog Staff. During the visit, various concerns and issues were raised by the people and possible solutions and recommendations were initiated by Dasho.

business group

The team also visited Sonamthang central school and Dasho Dzongdag awarded the academic excellence certificates to the toppers of Sonamthang Central school.Dasho shared words of encouragement to the students and teachers to further strive to achieve academic excellence to fulfil His Majesty’s vision of “Developed Bhutan”. 


On 9th April, Dasho and Team visited Bjokha Gewog Centre and met with Gewog staff and civil servants serving in the Gewog. Dasho shared the gathering about transformation, future plans and stressed the importance our  collective efforts in taking  the country forward. In conclusion, such timely visit by Dasho to Lower Kheng was a blessing, a new ray of hope and a source of inspiration for the people of Lower Kheng.

Staffs from Bjoka