Beautification Sector, Zhemgang


Clean, safe and beautiful place sustainably maintained, beautified area and landscape for the welfare of all citizens


Secure Clean, Safe and Beautiful landscape through cross-sectoral participation and empowerment of local communities on the sustainable basis.


  1. Develop an overall beautification plan and strategy for Dzongkhag/Throm/Gewogs
  2. Preserve and enhance aesthetic values of urban, rural, heritage sites, and monuments and infrastructures of national importance.
  3. Promote Economic growth and Employment opportunities.
  4. Enhance tourism
  5. Promote program 

Mandates of the Dzongkhag Beautification Sector:

  1. Develop an overall beautification plan and strategy for       the Dzongkhag/Thromde/Gewogs.
  2. Create awareness on His Majesty’s Vision of Clean, Safe, Organized and Beautiful Community for National Integrity, National Pride and for our bright future.
  3. Mobilize resources for beautification programme through annual work planning and project proposals.
  4. Establish floriculture nursery for sustainable maintenance of gardens/parks/avenues.
  5. Coordinate and collaborate with relevant stakeholders in planning, designing, and implementation of beautification activities, and for exchange of germplasm, inputs, technical information, expertise and capacity building.
  6. Be involved in the planning and designing of Dzongkhag/Thromde/Gewog development works (buildings, city parks, streets, pavements, sidewalks, plantations) and accordingly provide creative advice and design solutions.
  7. Promote and facilitate floriculture enterprises in the Dzongkhag.
  8. Identify, coordinate and facilitate establishment of Micro Parks in the Dzongkhag/Thromde/Gewogs.
  9. Coordinate beautification and floral displays during national and local events. 

On-going activity 

  • The development of the Gyalsey Dumra
  • Developing Dzong park garden, Guesthouse parking & reception ground 


Up-coming activity

1. Formulation of Beautification plan for Zhemgang, Tingtibi and Panbang Town 

2. Flower plantation program along the newly extended road within the throm

3. Mass propagation of flowering plant materials 

4. Awareness program