Dzongkhag Education Sector under the Ministry of Education is responsible in implementing educational plans and policies leading towards knowledge-based GNH society. It is mandated to provide equitable and inclusive quality education and lifelong learning for all through provision of the necessary learning space and opportunity to harness their full potential as productive citizens. The Ministry of Education in general prepares the young women and men with appropriate knowledge, skills and values to cope with the challenges of the 21st century.

The Ministry of Education presently is focused on achieving the following objectives:

  1. To improve relevance and quality of education
  2. To improve access to and sustainability of education
  3. To strengthen youth development programme and services
  4. To enhance adult literacy and lifelong learning
  5. To ensure full utilization of budget
  6. To enable effective and efficient ICT Service delivery


Information and Updates


12th FYP, MoE Template

19th Annual Education Conference Resolutions.

29 th DPCM resolutions (1)_1-9

APA 2019-2020 - Education

Placement - Class XI Students


APA 2019-2020 Section1

APA 2019-2020 Section 2

APA 2019-2020 Section 3

APA 2019-2020 Section 4

APA 2019-2020 Section 5

Illness report Form Teachers

Illness report Form Students


Education Sector Reports and Publish

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At Glance Statistics - Chungla Dorji.xls 20.33 KB
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Decrease in enrolment every year - Chungla Dorji.xls 11.42 KB
ECCD Enrolement as per EMIS 2019 - Chungla Dorji.xls 357.08 KB
ECCD Enrolement, 2019 - Chungla Dorji.xls 357.08 KB
Enrollment as of 9th April, 2019 - Chungla Dorji.xls 12.57 KB
Final Capital-AWP 2019-2020 of Education Sector - Chungla Dorji.xls 15.75 KB
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SPMS Zhemgang Class III 2018 - Chungla Dorji.xls 50.54 KB
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SPMS Zhemgang Class X 2018 - Chungla Dorji.xls 22.25 KB
SPMS Zhemgang Class XII 2018 - Chungla Dorji.xls 18.7 KB
Student Details - 2019 - Chungla Dorji.xls 739.51 KB