Profile of Dzongkhag Livestock Zhemgang

Brief back Ground:

Zhemganag Dzongkhag lies in the south-central region of the country and it has eight Gewogs namely Trong, Nangkhor, Shingkhar, Bardho, Phangkhar, Goshing, Bjoka and Ngangla.  The Dzongkhag is also a part of wildlife corridor constituting the Royal Manas National Park, Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park and Phrumshingla Park.

Dzongkhag is supported by a Dungkhag in Panbang basically to facilitate the service delivery to lower Kheng comprising of four Gewogs namely Phangkhar, Goshing, Ngangla and Bjoka.  Every gewog has an RNR center for the RNR related service delivery.   For those gewogs without farm road connectivity sector had arranged additional Livestock Extension Agents to cater the immediate needs of our farmers under the Dzongkhag. The establishment of Livestock Extension Center at Redijong under Phangkhar Gewog is one additional center the Dzongkhag had as of today.  At the moment, Livestock sector have 17 regular staffs working in different parts of the dzongkhag with one ESP at the Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital.

Livestock rearing is one of the most important commodities for the people of Kheng. About 90 % of the people living under the Dzongkhag rear livestock for their livelihood as well as for the income generation. Some of the important Livestock reared within the Dzongkhag are cattle, Poultry, Pigs, and Fish.  Considering the importance of Livestock rearing under the Dzongkhag, the sector had formed 8 farmers groups and formally registered with the DAMC. Most of these groups are Dairy product processing and marketing groups.

Dzongkhag is self-sufficient in eggs with the annual production of 3.5 million eggs. Sector had also signed MoU with the central school for the supply of eggs where very possible. Production of Livestock products within the Dzongkhag is not a problem for the farmers. However during certain period of time it is often encountered with the market related issues. 

Therefore the thrust area identified by the sector, to overcome the market was to diversify the products into different value added products. In terms of dairy products some of the value added products produces by dairy group farmers are Yogurts, Hard cheese, Paneer and Gee. Smoked chicken, Chicken Ezay and smoke Fish are some of the other value added products produced and marketed by the Livestock Farmers group under the dzongkhag.


  1. Vision, Mission, Objectives and Mandates


Self-reliance in livestock products and enhancement of socio-economic well being of Khengrig Namsum through enhanced domestic livestock production.




To enhance livestock productivity through organized production (formation of different livestock Co-operative and Groups), small enterprise development, value chain development and assured marketing facilities for sustainability.


  • To enhance food and nutrition security.
  • To generate employment opportunities and increase rural cash income.
  • To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery


  • Seek sound policies and legal frame works for the effective implementation of activities at the field level.
  • Develop strategies and guidelines to ensure effective delivery of services thereby enhancing livestock production at the dzongkhag level.
  • Build and enhance human resource capacity of all levels for efficient service delivery
  • Encourage youths and private sector involvement in livestock enterprise development.
  • Plan, co-ordinate, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of livestock development programs
  • Liaise with research and development of livestock commodities for fund support and promising technologies
  • Ensure sustainable utilization and management of livestock resources
  1. Infrastructure and Land 1
  2. Staffs Strength of the Sector:









Pertaining Issues for Sector:

  • Veterinary ambulance for effective service delivery.
  • Lack of compensation guideline for Animals died during transportation.
  • Marketing of Livestock products. (who’s responsible DAMC or DoL)
  • Lack of Knowledge on diversification of products (dairy technician for every dzongkhag).
  • Buy back price of FCBL  (on what basis it was set)
  • HRD for the Field staffs
  • Rabies control program (lead agency should it be RLDC or Dzongkhag) how can we implement in a better manner for fruitful result.
  • Staff Transfer  (staffs working in same place for more than five years)



Way Forward:

  • In order to meet the eggs for three eggs per child per week, sector is in the process of establishing one commercial layer farm in each Gewogs.
  • To sustain the piglet requirement of our farmers, more private pig breeding will be established.
  • Product development for all the livestock products will be emphasized as the top priority.
  • Encourage and create awareness on group marketing to ease the market problem.
  • Explore niche products like smoke dry fish, Local bee honey for income generation
  • Explore for the extension of area for capture fishery.