BardoBardo Gewog is one of the remotest Gewog of the Dzongkhag. It shares its boundary with six other Gewogs of the Dzongkhag and two Gewogs of Mongar Dzongkhag: Silambi and Saleng Gewog. The Gewog is dissected by steep slopes, deep gorges and narrow valleys. Extreme altitudinal variations have given the Gewog temperature and sub-tropical climatic conditions with annual rainfall of 1350mm which peaks up in the month of July and August. Agriculture and Livestock are the main source of livelihood for the people. They cultivate not only on wet and dry land but Tseri (slash and burn cultivation) is a dominant agricultural practice. The Gewog is administrated from the Gewog centre established in Khomshar village which is one Dolam from the road head (Nimshong). The Gewog has a total area of 210sq. km with elevation ranging from 200 meters above sea level to 4000 meters above sea level. The Gewog has five Chiwogs. Digala chiwog is the farthest of all which is about 3 days official from Gewog Centre. Another Chiwog is Langdurbi which is two days official and approximately 8 hours walk from the Gewog Centre. And, Phulabi Chiwog is the smallest of all having only about 17 households and 5 hours walk from the Gewog centre. Bardo Chiwog and Khomshar Chiwog are the two chiwogs benefited by GC road.


Bardo Gewog